Print on canvas


Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant and pure.


The 8-color pigment print technology is remarkable for producing rich, vibrant colors that remain brilliant for decades.
Our canvas prints come with a matte or glossy finish and can be wrapped on stretcher frames in three depths, from an understated 13/16" to a prominent 2 3/8".
The picture’s colors will remain brilliant for decades; the pigments are encapsulated in resin, making them enduringly smudge-proof. With a photo on canvas you can expect a work of art that’s full of life – in premium quality.

Print on canvas

Print on Canvas

Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print that wows with rich, luminous colors. Using a highly advanced, 8-color Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof right away.

Large color gamut – saturated, luminous colors resulting from 8-color print

Dependable coverage through multilayered printing

Precise reproduction – high resolution and nuanced hues for outstanding detail

Print on canvas close-up

Fine Fabric

1/8" (4 mm) thick: for connoisseurs and professionals, depth paired with unrivaled brilliance and crisp details. A perfect presentation for galleries and exhibitions

Integrated wall-mount

The easy to hang solution.

Your photo canvas is easy-to-hang from its own stretcher frame.


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