About the artist

Frank experienced life in different parts of the world. Born and raised in a small town on the idyllic coast of the Baltic Sea in East Germany, he experienced life in a socialist environment. His childhood and adolescence were very safe and protected but citizens were not allowed to travel non-socialist countries.

Frank suffered with the knowledge that he would never see the vast extent of the Grand Canyon, the colourful display of the Northern Lights or the setting sun over the majestic dunes in the Sahara.

But then, very unexpectedly, things changed. The German wall came down and a completely different world presented itself. In all of a sudden the whole world was open to be explored. This was when Frank first came into touch with photography. He borrowed two rolls of film and the family SLR to explore the world and discovered photography as his true passion.

In years of self-study, living in the UK, Spain and Hong Kong he developed his photography skills to a professional level. It was during his time in Spain when he also started working on time-lapse projects and studied web development. The wanderlust never released its grip on Frank and it has become an essential part of his art. He now lives and works as a photographer and web designer in Spain.


Instants of oneness

Hong Kong Central | solo exhibition at the ArtTube29. June - 04. Agust 2016

Frank Zschieschang at the Art Tube in Hong Kong About the Exhibition: Instants of Oneness

The natural state of our world is movement, a constant flux and at times chaos, and yet there are moments which are different, special. These are moments of eternal beauty, grace and perfection. Moments that make you pause, give you fulfilment by feeling part of this world and its beauty. Moments that make you feel at peace and transcendent with something greater than yourself. In his exhibition, Frank Zschieschang conveys these moments to the viewer, preserving the feelings of tranquillity and wholeness.


Hong Kong Cultural Centre | joined exhibition 25. Nov - 27. Nov 2016

Image of Hong Kong Cultural Centre About the Exhibition: Neighbourhood

Hong Kong is a modern megalopolis with stunning diversity. Created on the junction of Asian and European cultures it is easily combining ancient traditions of Feng Shui with cutting edge technologies.
Hong Kong is the city with many faces, which will not stop to amaze us with the views, sounds and smells. You can see and feel the uniqueness of this place almost every day, no matter how long you are living here. Every corner of the city has its own appearance and history, which it will tell you with joy. The only thing you should do is to wish to see and hear.
One of the oldest Hong Kong photo clubs – Cathay Camera Club (founded in 1982), hosting the exhibition “Neighbourhood”, where the club members are sharing their own original vision of different Hong Kong districts and sightseeing places.

Blinq Art

Sydney | official seller of a selection of my artworkJuly 2017 - July 2019

Image of gallery in Sydney About the Blinq Art gallery:

For the comping seasons Blinq Art signed contracts with established and emerging Photographers and expecting to start with 250/300 artworks from 20/25 artists, amongst them : Akila Berjaoui, Stefan Vasilev, David Behar, Gabi Guiard, Ian Thornberry, Stefano Gardel, Daniel Garay Arango, Bill Morris, Richard Hirst, Steve Leupen, Daniel Bos, Seb Ruiz, etc. They are planning to have 80-100 photographers and more than 1000 artworks by the end of the year to be displayed in their art gallery and online.

Cathay Camera Club Annual Exhibition

Tipping Point, Soho Hong Kong | joined exhibition 20. Sep - 22. Sep 2017

Image of Hong Kong Cultural Centre About the Exhibition:

Towards the end of each year the members of the Club showcase part of their work to the public through their annual exhibition. This year’s exhibition will be held at the ‘Tipping Point’, 55 Elgin Street, from the 20th until the 22nd of September. Club members will present works that have been featured as submissions in Club competitions, held regularly throughout the year.